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Alkarama launches its 2023 Annual Report - Double standards, denial and impunity are prominent features in a turbulent world


Alkarama for Human Rights highlighted the dire consequences of the “double standards” policies that have unfortunately become a clear feature of most Western states and may ultimately be a greater threat to the values of human rights and peace in the world. 

In its annual report for 2023, which monitors the most prominent developments in the human rights situation in the Arab region during the year, it is emphasised that human rights issues are still not being accounted for by governments across the Arab world, regardless of their political systems. The state of denial, coupled with the prevailing impunity, remains a clear embodiment of the lack of political will towards citizens' civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights. 

Alkarama’s director, lawyer Rachid MESLI, stated that the organisation "is committed to its tireless struggle despite the challenges against the personalisation of killing, violation of the right to life, torture, enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention. The organisation strives to relay the truth from victims, their families, and brave human rights defenders." 

He noted that "Alkarama continues to contribute to the United Nations treaty bodies and to submit individual complaints to the Special Procedures. As in previous years, the organisation has successfully obtained opinions from independent UN experts on human rights on behalf of victims." 

Lawyer MESLI expressed his deep regret at the "horrific crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli occupation in Palestine, amid a state of helplessness, betrayal and international complicity." 

Alkarama's report summarises the most prominent issues it has worked on and demonstrates that Arab governments have continued to crack down on peaceful dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists. The banners of 'war on terrorism' and 'protecting national security' are used as pretexts to silence voices and prohibit freedom of expression. This is done in parallel with the enactment of legislation that lacks objective legal standards and is unfair and incompatible with the obligations of various countries towards international human rights law. 

Alkarama reminds that the cases it has worked on over the past year are only the tip of the iceberg in a turbulent reality that witnesses armed conflicts on more than one level, and are examples that reveal part of the patterns of violations. 

While the organisation believes that “Tyranny in the Arab world stills haunts the elite seeking democratic change and those working for human rights” it stresses that "human rights defenders all over the World are witnessing an even more pernicious challenge. The extremist Western support for Israel in its horrendous crimes against the Palestinian people threatens the international human rights system and constitute an unprecedented setback to shared global values.” 

Alkarama is a Geneva-based human rights NGO founded in 2004 that works to help all people at risk of extrajudicial execution, enforced disappearance, torture and arbitrary detention. Alkarama acts as a bridge between individual victims and international human rights mechanisms, for an Arab world in which all people live in freedom and dignity, and are protected by the rule of law.