Yemen: Yasser Junaid, victim of enforced disappearance, died under torture

ياسر جنيد

Alkarama received with dismay the news of the death under torture of Yemeni aid worker Yasser Junaid, who died while held incommunicado in the prisons of the Houthi group "Ansar Allah".

Alkarama had submitted a complaint to the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances  (WGEID).

Yemen is the scene of widespread human rights violations involving the various parties to the local and regional conflict, in a climate of impunity and the absence of the rule of law.

Mr. Yasser Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Junaid, who lived in Hodeidah Province in western Yemen served, in addition to his humanitarian relief activities, as a school principal in Hodeidah Governorate.

He was abducted from his home in the village of Al-Sayeda in Hadida, western Yemen, by a Houthi collaborator named Abdul Rahman Halisi, who then handed him over to the security supervisor in the Houthi-controlled area, known as "Abu Yassin".

The latter then proceeded to take him, on 20 February 2017, to an unknown destination, and it had become impossible since then to know the fate of the humanitarian worker or his place of detention.

"On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, the Houthi group informed the family of Yasser Mohammed Junaid, 45, who had died and that his body was in a hospital," said Sundah al-Maqtari, a member of the National Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations in Yemen.

Last September, Alkarama wrote to the WDFI about three Yemenis arbitrarily arrested by the de facto authorities in Hodeidah, western Yemen, taken to unknown destinations, and whose families knew nothing of their fate to date.
The complaint concerns Yasser Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Junaid, Ghazali Ali Hassan al-Muhadabi, 29, and Omar Mohammed Ali Qaim al-Sharif, 30, all from Yemen's western province of Hodeidah.

They had been abducted and taken to detention centres supervised by the Houthi group, but noneof the three victims had emerged for several years, and their fate remained unknown until Junaid's death was announced, while the other two remain unknown.