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The UN human rights experts reminded the Saudi authorities of their obligations to “of their obligation to conduct a prompt and impartial investigation wherever there are reasonable grounds to believe that torture has been committed, and to exclude any evidence obtained through torture and coercion from judicial proceedings”.

They underscored that “prolonged incommunicado detention can facilitate the perpetration of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and can in itself constitute a form of such treatment”.

On 31st May 2022, Alkarama submitted request to the UN Working group on arbitrary detention (WGAD) to rule on the arbitrariness of Dr Salman ALODAH’s detention. The complaint requested the UN experts to call on the Saudi authorities to immediately release the scholar as his conditions of detention constitute a real and immediate threat to his life and mental health.

The daughter of a Uighur activist detained in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Waili AIMOUDOULA, has raised her concerns over the deportation of her father and his friend, to urge them not to extradite to China, Mr. Waili AIMOUDOULA and his friend Mr. Ruze NUERMAIMAITI to the Chinese authorities, fearing they will be tortured and could lose their lives.

Saudi Arabia
Our concerns
  • Systematic practice of torture and arbitrary detention, including prolonged detention devoid of any legal basis;
  • Abusive counter-terrorism measures and unfair trials before the Specialised Criminal Court, often resulting in the death penalty ;
  • Severe repression of freedom of expression through arrests and arbitrary detention of peaceful dissidents, including human rights defenders;
  • Severe violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in Yemen.


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