Sudan: UN expert calls for accountability for human rights violations in the country

الخبير الأممي المعني بحالة حقوق الإنسان في السودان رضوان نويصر

The expert on the human rights situation in Sudan, Radhouane Nouicer, called to urgently address the accountability of the security forces to the population within a framework of democratic civilian oversight, the rule of law and respect for human rights. He stressed the need to establish the Transitional Justice Commission, as per the law adopted in 2021 and to restrict the use of the emergency legislation in line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Sudan has ratified.

Over the past years, Alkarama has monitored a number of cases of violations and repression in the context of its concerns about the human rights situation in Sudan and has filed several complaints before the Special Procedures regarding victims of arbitrary detention which led to their release.

The UN expert concluded his first visit to Sudan since his appointment to this position last December, succeeding Adama Diang.

He called on Sudanese leaders from all sides, military and civilian - regardless of their political positions - to abandon their personal interests and work for the benefit of the Sudanese people.

Nouicer reported that he met with authorities, civil society and victims of human rights violations in Khartoum and West Darfur states, as well as the diplomatic community and UN agencies. He pointed out that Sudan is going through a critical moment in its history, stressing the need for solidarity among all sectors of this diverse and culturally rich society in order for the democratic transition in Sudan to succeed.

"Four years ago, when Sudanese women, men and youth took to the streets demanding respect for their rights, full of hope for a safer and more just future, the world was watching in support. Sudan today stands at a critical crossroads. A new phase of the transition is urgently needed to continue the process towards democracy that was interrupted by the October 2021 military takeover and meet the population’s demands for freedom, peace, and justice.", he said.

He stressed the importance of resuming legal and institutional reforms with the participation of Sudanese citizens as a priority for the new government, highlighting the need for human rights and accountability to be central topics in the program of the next government.

The expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan said that the message of the victims and representatives of civil society – whom he met during this visit – was clear, noting that he fully endorse it: "All those responsible for human rights violations and abuses committed during Sudan’s conflicts must be held to account, in accordance with due process and without unjustified delays. This is the message I delivered to the authorities. Accountability and transitional justice require a process and credible mechanisms that address past crimes, their root causes, and prevent recurrence."