Saudi Arabia : Alkarama calls on Saudi institutions to collaborate in promoting human rights

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Alkarama has reached out to the Saudi Human Rights Commission and the National Society for Human Rights, two state institutions with the shared objective of promoting human rights in the country, inviting them to collaborate with the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) regarding the implementation of Opinions issued by this United Nations special procedure. 

In this context, Alkarama has urged the respective presidents of the two institutions to engage with the country's authorities in implementing the numerous Opinions issued by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which has determined in its decisions that many victims are deprived of liberty following particularly unfair trials. 

In its work in the Gulf region, Alkarama, mandated by the families of the victims, has submitted more than a hundred cases to the experts of the Working Group, including cases of individuals arbitrarily detained, such as recognized religious scholars, human rights activists, or ordinary citizens arrested for criticizing the country's authorities or peacefully advocating for an end to repression and political reforms. 

Despite the Crown Prince of the kingdom, who holds the real power in the country, announcing deep reforms to modernize the country, the human rights situation has continued to deteriorate in recent years despite the establishment of public institutions intended to promote and protect the fundamental rights of subjects. 

In all cases submitted by Alkarama over the past two decades, the Working Group has found that victims were detained in violation of established rules of international law on fair trials and has called for their release. Among the most emblematic cases are Dr. Saud AL HASHIMI, Mohammed AL QAHTANI, Safar AL HAWALI, Awad bin Mohamed AL QARNI, and Salman ALODAH

During the latest periodic review of Saudi Arabia by the Human Rights Council, representatives of the Kingdom affirmed the leaders' commitment to promoting the rights of citizens and collaborating with United Nations procedures. In this context, Alkarama has decided to address the authorities to encourage them to achieve this objective.