Alkarama, along with 39 regional and local organizations concerned with freedom of opinion, expression and human rights, called on all parties to the conflict in Yemen to respect freedom of the press and to immediately and unconditionally release journalists detained for their media activities, whether in Houthi prisons, Yemeni government prisons, or al-Qaeda prisons. 

On 15 April 2024, Alkarama submitted its report to the UN Secretary General (UNSG) concerning the situation of Mr Mohamed ZIAN (81), a lawyer sentenced at the end of 2022 to three years in prison following an unfair trial for having publicly criticised the security authorities. 

On the evening of Tuesday, April 9, 2024, Jordanian security forces arrested the Syrian youth, Atiya Mohammed Salim, and his colleague Abdulrahman Al-Sheikh as they were on their way to film a solidarity demonstration with the Palestinian people against the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. This incident occurred in the Rabia area of Amman on the eve of Eid al-Fitr because they were students studying at the Faculty of Media at Yarmouk University in Jordan. Atiya was taken to the Shmeisani Security Center. 

On Thursday, 4 April 2024, Algerian authorities released Mr. Abderrahmane Zitout after serving the two-year prison sentence he was condemned to following an unfair trial. 

Alkarama and the International Association for the Protection of Human Rights (LIPDH) have informed the UN Human Rights Committee that Ahmed Khalil Mahmoud BRAIH - known as Ahmed BRAIH -, victim of enforced disappearance, has been detained in Blida prison in Algiers under another name assigned by the authorities for, according to his family, concealing his detention. 

Alkarama condemns the bombing of a number of civilian homes by gunmen from the Houthi group, which calls itself "Ansar Allah", on Tuesday morning, March 19, 2024, killing and wounding at least 25 civilians, including women and children, and calls for an end to using this method as part of the tools of war. 

Alkarama condemns the continued detention by the Saudi authorities of people who have condemned human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and calls for their immediate release. 

On March 12, 2024, Alkarama urgently addressed the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to inform her of the abuses inflicted upon former military officer Benhalima MOHAMED AZZOUZ by members of the security services in Blida military prison (50 km south of Algiers), where he is currently held in isolation. 

On Sunday, 10 March 2024, the Special Deterrence Forces (SDF) in Libya released Abdelhakim Imbarak Muhammad Ali, also known as "Abdelhakim AL MECHERI," after nearly eight years of arbitrary detention without judicial proceedings, Alkarama learned from its sources.