#SpeakUp4Egypt : Alkarama's 2017 Campaign to support victims of repression in Egypt

NGOs estimate that more than 60,000 individuals have been arrested and detained in Egypt since 2013, a majority of whom are deprived of their liberty after merely exercising their right to freedom of expression. The country has become the third worst jailer of journalists worldwide, and since May 2017, more than 400 websites – including those belonging to news outlets and human rights organisations – have been blocked.

In recent years, the authorities have established an extremely restrictive legal framework – including the Anti-Protest Law, the NGO Law, the Antiterrorism Law, and the Press Law – enabling them to severely violate the fundamental rights of their citizens while acting in a climate of complete impunity.

Abductions, secret detention, torture, rape, arbitrary arrests, unfair trials, and summary executions are used against students, journalists, lawyers, professors, human rights defenders, activists, unionists and politicians, in order to instil fear and silence any form of dissent. As the crackdown on freedom of expression in Egypt reaches unprecedented levels, the Alkarama Foundation dedicates its 2017 annual campaign to the many victims of this repressive crackdown.

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