Yemen / UAE: Al-Shaibani released in deplorable state of health


More than 9 months after his abduction and enforced disappearance by Yemeni forces acting on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, Yemeni preacher Abdul Qadir Al-Badhiji (Al-Shaibani), for whom Alkarama made an urgent appeal to the United Nations Working Group on Involuntary Disappearances, has been released.
Despite the mystery that still surrounds the details of the kidnapping and the method of his release, sources close to Al-Shaibani reported that he was released from one of the UAE-supervised prisons in Mukalla, the centre of the Hadramot governorate. According to information obtained by Alkarama, Al-Shaibani was transferred to several secret detention centres run by Emirati-backed Yemeni forces, including a prison in Camp (Abu Musa) in the western coastal region of Yemen overlooking the Red Sea. This prison is run by  the National Security Agency (intelligence) officer Ammar Muhammad Saleh who is the nephew of former president Ali Saleh.
It appears that Al-Shaibani's family is under pressure not to reveal details of Al-Shaibani's suffering, but information obtained by Alkarama indicates that Al-Shaibani may have been transferred to the UAE, as in similar cases of Yemeni detainees interrogated by Emirati investigators at military bases outside the country.
On 18 November 2020, Alkarama wrote to the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances, asking it to intervene regarding Yemeni preacher Abdul Qader Al-Badhiji (Al-Shaibani), who has been missing since October 30 in the city of Aden in southern Yemen, where he was kidnapped by armed men suspected of being affiliated with the seat belt forces that control the city and are supported by the Emirates , and took him in front of his wife and one of his children to an unknown destination.
The various Yemeni regions have turned into an open theatre of chaos, kidnappings and killings, especially those in which the UAE has established parallel military formations that are not really subject to Yemeni state institutions and act on behalf of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as described in the UN reports.
According to his family, Mr. Abdul Qader Ali Abdullah Al-Badhiji Al-Shaibani, 65, accompanied by his wife and one of his children, left for the interim capital Aden to complete his treatment, while on the way to Cairo on 30 October 2020, masked gunmen kidnapped him in two cars in the Mansoura neighbourhood after firing shots in the air to terrorize his family and took him to an unknown destination.
Al-Shaibani, born in 1955, is one of Yemen's leading humanitarian figures and a founder of the Yemeni Wisdom Charitable Society, as well as vice president of the Shura Council of the Peace and Development Party. He has been suffering from several chronic illnesses, including a brain tumour and a hip joint problem, for the past ten years and has undergone several surgeries, but his health has worsened as a result of his enforced disappearance.

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