Palestine/Israel Legislation

Draft Constitution, 2003

Main Law, 2003 (in arabic only)

Code of Criminal Procedure, 2001

Juvenile Offenders Law, 1937 (in arabic only)

Public Meetings Law, 1998 (in arabic only)

Palestinian Prisoner and Former Prisoners in Israel Law, 2004 (in arabic only)

Law on Charitable and Community Associations, 2000

Law on Formation of Regular Courts, 2001 (in arabic only)

The Formation of Palestinian Civil Courts, 2000 (in arabic only)

Palestinian Constitutional Court Law, 2006 (in arabic only)

Reform and Rehabilitation Centres Law, 1998 (in arabic only)

Reform of the Juvenile Law, 1954 (in arabic only)

Rules of Procedure, Palestinian Legislative Council, 2000 (in arabic only)

Regulating the Legal Profession Law, 1999 (in arabic only)

Rules of Procedure Palestinian Bar Association, Amendments, 2003 (in arabic only)

Rules of Procedure of the Board of Commissioners of the National Human Rights Institution, 2015 (in arabic only)

Presidential Decree on the Determination of the Mandate of Ministry of NGO Affairs, 1999 (in arabic only)


Israeli law

Criminal Procedure Law, 1982

Terrorism Financing Law, 2004

Unlawful Combatants Law, 2002

Order Regarding Administrative Detentions, 2007

Order Regarding Security Provisions, 2009

Prevention of Terror Ordinance, 1948

Prisons Ordinance, 1971