IRAQ: The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances requests clarification regarding the death of Ali Alwan Khalaf AL JANABI

Ali Al Janabi

The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances has called on the Iraqi government to provide clarification regarding the case of Ali Alwan Khalaf AL JANABI, an Iraqi citizen who died following his execution by state authorities in April 2021. 

AL JANABI was missing since his kidnapping on 2 July 2014 from his home located in the Al Askari neighborhood of Al Mazraa in the Latifiya governorate (south of Baghdad) by several members of the army. 

Despite requests made to the various state authorities, AL JANABI's family was not informed of his fate or even his execution. 

Mandated by the victim's relatives, Alkarama and Al Wissam Humanitarian Assembly had submitted the disappearance of AL JANABI to the UN Committee on 31 March 2017. 

The Committee requests to receive concrete information 

In accordance with Alkarama's request, the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances has called on Iraq to clarify the reasons why the State party was unable to inform AL JANABI's family of his death following his execution. 

As part of his written exchanges with the Iraqi government, Alkarama had, in fact, highlighted the lack of cooperation from the State party in the context of the procedure. Attention was drawn to the lack of investigation into the forced disappearance of AL JANABI and the refusal of the authorities to provide information on his location and state of health despite repeated requests in this regard since his disappearance in 2014. 

Alkarama also reiterated the responsibility of the Iraqi state with regard to the army's involvement in the disappearance of AL JANABI. 

Finally, the Committee requested that Iraq provide a description of the measures taken by the competent State authorities to ensure the return of his remains, with dignity, to his family, in full compliance with Iraq's treaty obligations. 

The Iraqi government has until 19 February 2024 to respond to the questions raised by the Committee.